Conversions for action - Footprint for social good
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About Us

Emerging Futures Youth Network - Together Brands and Influencers participate in experiential campaigns to increase reach, engagement, brand, and revenues for brands and causes alike.

Conversions for action - Footprint for social good

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House Parties for Causes

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Fun-filled House venues and hands-on interactions between consumers, brands, and causes. Together cause leaders and empowerment partners customize branded campaigns that increase reach, engagement, branding, and revenues

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Smart Media

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Unlike robots customizing data into advertisement, we facilitate conversations with influencers, cause leaders, and brands and document the themes of these conversations (the common ground, issues, actions) into social media products Brands can use.

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Book Of Greatness

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Book of greatness is an experience-driven social marketing platform that enables brands and influencers to work together on cause-marketing campaigns, share products, conversions, footprints for good and revenues.

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What We Offer

Emerging Futures Youth Network provides a number of local and global networking products:

  • Collaborative Tools, Services, and Resources for your brand and events.
  • The Book of Greatness - Pages, portals, and invitations to the network.
  • Network Affiliation - Tighter relationships and communications with influencers and brands.
  • Funds for Projects - Opportunities for community leaders to empower local global community solutions.
  • Gift Services Cash award distributions, IRS filings, compliance with United States homeland security laws and charitable giving guidelines.